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In addition to providing quality loans to its private equity borrowers, WLW Capital LLC or “WLW” also offers attractive monthly income for it’s secured investors derived from a portfolio of carefully underwritten first mortgage secured loans. These secured loans vary in size from $100,000 to $2,000,000 and have maturities from one to five years.

Each secured loan is originated through a representative of WLW utilizing a comprehensive application process. This begins with the applicant initiating a loan request, upon arrival, is then submitted to our company along with in depth information on the specific property for a detailed underwriting.

The criteria for a final approval of our mortgage loans will include a review of the following:

If the applicant, and more importantly their asset meet our lending criteria, WLW will issue the borrower a term sheet detailing the number of months, interest rate, and origination fees that will be required at such time as their loan is funded. Upon acceptance of the term sheet by the borrower/applicant, the property that is to be secured is directed to our legal counsel for a title review.

Upon receipt by WLW of confirmation from its legal counsel the borrower’s asset has clear title, a loan closing is thereafter scheduled. WLW will then extend the lending opportunity to its qualified investor(s) to participate in the borrower’s loan. After the investors review and approve the details of borrower’s loan request, a closing or funding date is scheduled. If the investor chooses to participate in the borrower’s loan with WLW, the investor will then wire its funds directly to our legal counsel’s trust account or the Closing Agent’s title fund. WLW Capital is not a mortgage loan broker. Our company invests in each and every loan that it procures with its secured investors.

Funds will not be disbursed to borrower until all legal requirements to secure both WLW Capital, LLC and its investor are satisfied. At such time as the borrower’s loan is funded by our Closing Agent, monthly interest on the secured obligation begins to accrue and the borrower begins issuing payments to WLW. A monthly disbursement of the borrower’s payment is issued to each investor by an independent Certified Public Accountant. In addition to the payment of their monthly interest, investors will also receive a complete accounting of their total accumulations to date, remaining payments, and maturity of the secured loan.

WLW Capital LLC will continue to monitor and manage borrower’s loan throughout the terms of its existence. At such time that borrower satisfies its mortgage obligation, WLW along with its investor, will receive a repayment of their respective principal portions of borrower’s loan and any additional payments that are due. None of the closing funds received from the loan repayment will be disbursed by the Closing Agent until such time as both WLW Capital and its investor sign and authorize the agreed upon repayment. After the approval to disburse is authorized by WLW and its investor, funds will then be immediately bank wired into the respective accounts of both lender and investor.

For those investors that would prefer to continue receiving their monthly income following the conclusion or maturity of their existing loan, we offer a convenient and inexpensive roll over plan. Investor funds can be retained in our legal counsel’s trust account up to thirty (30) days for placement in a new, secured first mortgage loan. WLW, during this time, will present to investor for their approval new income opportunities without any further fees or expenses. And, most importantly, total convenience in the continuous management of your investment funds. Of course, at any time during this reinvestment period investor has the unrestricted right to request a full or partial refund of its investment proceeds.

Currently, WLW Capital LLC is extending to its investor’s monthly interest on their investment proceeds as high as 8% for those investors with $500,000 or greater to invest. Investors that choose to invest $100,000 to $250,000 are currently receiving 7% as their monthly interest. These rates are subject to change depending upon current market conditions.

WLW Capital LLC at all times is utilizing state of the art technology to procure and manage all of its loan products. Our approach to private equity lending is designed to make the entire loan process as seamless as possible for our equity borrowers and secured investors.

Contact one of our company representatives and see if our first mortgage secured loan investments are the right fit for your financial portfolio.

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