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Langford Covington - WLW Capital

Langford Covington Loan Originator

Langford attended college at the University of Florida, earning his degree in Finance from the Warrington School of Business.  After college Langford relocated to the Space Coast, living in Satellite Beach. He begins his career as a financial advisor, spending the next eight years building a book of business, with a primary focus of helping his clients obtain their financial goals, building wealth and protecting their assets.  

As an advisor, Langford learned of his affinity to help others meet their goals.  During this time, he was also working on his personal goals of owning and developing a real estate portfolio.  This is where he found his true passion for real estate.  Now as part of the WLW Capital team, Langford is thrilled to be able to continue to help others achieve their goals and dreams!

During his free time Langford primarily enjoys spending time with his family.  He has a four-year-old daughter, Liana, who is obsessed with Star Wars and his two-year-old son, Jaxon that can’t get enough tractors in his life.  Langford can’t wait until the days he can take them offshore fishing with him or for an early morning surf session.