Fix and Lease

Project Description

4911 E Hanna Ave, Tampa Fl

WLW Capital (“WLW”) provided a fix and lease loan to an experienced real estate investor. Borrower plans to make major improvements to the property using their own capital, including a re-roof and HVAC replacement. The borrower intends on completing the remodel within the first 2 months of purchase before leasing the property out for monthly cashflow.

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Asset Value: $70,000
Loan Amount: $38,200
Loan to Value:   54%
Term:   years
Type:  Fix and Lease
Maturity Date:
Prepayment Penalty: None
Interest Offered To Participant: 8%
Purchase Price: $65,000
Cap-X Budget: $22,000
Other Costs:_____$8,500_________
All In Basis:           $95,500

After Repair Value (ARV):__$115,000_______________

Investment/Participant Opportunities:

WLW Capital is offering the following incremental participation opportunities:

25%- $9,550
50%- $19,100
75%- $28,650